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Operating Instructions For Electronic Speedometer Settings


3 alternatives can be used for setting the instrument:

2 options for pulse / distance ratio setting:

Function 'AUtOCL'     automatic calibration by driving a measuring distance (1 km or 1 mile)

Function 'PULSE'       enter a known pulse / distance ratio


1. possibility for fine adjustment of the speed indication:


Function 'AdJUST'  Calibration using a reference speed indication (roller test bench)

Note: Respect: The tolerances per Directive 75/434/EEC when calibration the speed indication. A reference to them is made in 57 StVZO. Chapter 4, Requirements, states

4.3.5 . The vehicle is tested at the following speeds: 40 km/h, 80 km/h and 120 km/h or 80 % of the maximum speed specified by the manufacturer if it is lower than
150 km/h.

4.3.6. The error limit of the instruments used for the measurement of the effective
vehicle speed shall not exceeds + 1 %.  If  a measuring track is used, it shall be level and dry, and have a sufficiently
non-skid surface.

4.4. The displayed speed shall never be lower than the effective speed. At the speed specified under 4.3.5 and at the intermediate values the difference
of speed V1 displayed by the speedometer and effective speed V2 shall have the following relation.



1.1. Selection of the Functions


Push button in front lens and keep pushed.

Keep the ignition (operating voltage) on.

The display alternates between 'AUtOCL' 'PULSE' and 'AdJUST' at 2 seconds interval.

Select a function by releasing the push-button when this function is displayed.


1.2 Function 'AUtOCL'


After selection of the function 'AUtOCL' the display changes to 'bUttOn' after three seconds:

Ask the passenger to do the calibration!

No speed is displayed during the measuring drive

Start the vehicle and drive to measuring track. Exactly at the beginning of the track push the button shortly, the display flashes 'StArt'. Drive the test track with as constant a speed as possible. Exactly at the end of the measuring track again shortly push the button. The determined pulse / distance ratio is displayed if it is between 500 and 399 990 pulse (e.g P 50 000, which corresponds to pulse / distance ration 50 000). The calibration is completed if the display changes to total or distance display.

Repeat the calibration if the display flashes 'F00' (no pulses). The sequence is the same as described above


1.3 Function 'PULSE'


After selection of the function "PULSE" the display shows "P50 000" , for instance, after three seconds, with the digit before the last one flashing Start entering the pulse / distance ratio immediately. The flashing digit is changed by pushing the button (adjustable pulse / distance ratio 500 to 399 990). After entry of the pulse / distance ratio the display changes to total or partial distance display, the calibration is completed.

A new setting is required if the digit before the last one is flashing in the displays after pulse / distance ratio setting. The sequence is the same as described above.

The function 'PULSE' can be used to check the pulse / distance ratio stored by automatic calibration (function 'AUtOCL') The stored pulse / distance ratio is displayed (e.g P 50 000), and the digits start flashing, beginning with the digit before the last one.


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