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Calibration Test Equipment

Time Access Solutions provides the most reliable Process Gauges, Process Pressure Gauges, Pressure Gauges, Stainless Pressure Gauges, Test Gauges, Commercial Gauges, Digital Pressure Gauges, Diaphragm Seals, Temperature gauges and switches.


Calibration Test
Equipment & Accessories

Type CPG 8000

  • High Precision Monitor
  • Modular High-end Pressure System
  • Research & Development Applications

CPG 8000 is a modular pressure system with up to four high precision pressure sensors. The modular design of this instrument enables the use of different measuring ranges and accuracies, as well as the integration of various types of high precision sensors. The system is supplied with a calibration certificate.

Standard Features
Measurement Ranges: 3.6 PSI (0…0,25 Bar) to 40,000 PSI (0…2750 Bar) (Sensor Related)
Power Supply: 100-240 VAC / 50-60 HZ; 100-375 VDC; < 30
Watt Digital Interface: RS-232 and IEEE-488.2
Relay Output: 8 Programmable Change-Over Contacts
Pressure Ports: 1/4" NPT F (Dependent on Pressure Range)
Overpressure Protection: Safety Valves (Over 5,800 PSI (400 Bar): Rupture Discs)


Calibration Test
Equipment & Accessories

Type HTP1

  • High Pressure Hand Pump
  • Sealed Construction
  • Lightweight, Easy-to-use

HTP1 is lightweight, easy to use and can generate pressures up to 10,000 PSI / 14,500 PSI (700 bar / 1000 bar). HTP1 is well-suited for calibrating pressure transmitters, pressure transducers, pressure switches and pressure gauges. HTP1 can be used as a portable pressure comparator in conjunction with various pressure indicating devices. The system offers adjustable overpressure protection, fine control, and a unique selector switch to move from priming to high pressure.

Standard Features
Size: 236mm (L) X 159mm (W) X 70mm (D)
Weight: 1.6Kg in Weight (approximate)
Pressure Connection: 3/8" BSP Female, 1/4" BSP Female (Blanked Off)
Pressure Range: 10,000 PSI / 14,500 PSI (0 to 700 Bar / 0 to 1000 Bar Max.)
Pressure Media: Mineral Based Hydraulic Oil, Distilled Water
Accuracy: Pressure Calibrator 0.05%, Digital Indicator 0.5%, 4" Analogue Gauges 0.5%


Calibration Test
Equipment & Accessories

Type LTP1

  • Low Pressure Hand Pump
  • Fully Portable
  • Generates up to 30 PSI (2000 mbar)

The Type LTP1 low pressure hand pump is a dual source of pneumatic pressure and vacuum. It is a fully portable hand operated unit generating up to 2000 mbar/30 PSI pressure (-850 mbar/25 in Hg vacuum). Additionally, the LTP1 has an adjustable pressure relief valve for setting maximum output pressure. Quick fit instruments are available to use with the system including electronic calibrators, digital indicators and analogue gauges.

Standard Features:
Size: 170 mm X 46 mm DIN (6.7" X 1.8" DIN)
Weight: 587 Grams
Output Pressure: 30 PSI output vacuum (0 to 2000 mbar) 0 to -850 mbar / 0 to -25 in Hg
Construction: Bright nickel plated brass, clear anodized aluminum
Relief Valve Adjustment: .725 PSI (50 mbar) to maximum output pressure


Calibration Test
Equipment & Accessories

Type MTP1-40

  • Medium Pressure Hand Pump
  • Source for Pneumatic Pressure & Vacuum
  • Generates up to 600 PSI pressure

Type MTP1 performs calibration checks simply by temporarily shutting off line pressure, selecting the digital indicator or test gauge required and connecting the instrument via the flexible hose and swivel adaptor to the pressure measuring instrument to be checked. The range of adaptors enables connection to most gauge threads. MTP1 can be used as a portable pressure comparator in conjunction with various pressure indicating devices.

Standard Features
Size: 220mm (L) X 105mm (W) X 63mm (D)
Weight: 510 Grams
Maximum Pressure: 0/ 600 PSI (0 to 40 bar) ( Adjustable)
Maximum Vacuum: 0 to -28.5 "Hg (-950 mbar) (Adjustable)


Calibration Test
Equipment & Accessories

Type 65-2000 & 65-2000 II

  • Digital Pneumatic Calibrator
  • Digital Pressure Calibrator
  • NIST Calibration Certificate

The 65-2000 and 65-2000 II are used for the maintenance, testing, measurement and calibration of pressure gauges and transmitters. This digital pneumatic calibrator (65-2000) provides exact current and voltage measurements, in addition to absolute pressure measurements. The digital pressure calibrator (65-2000 II) includes a pressure hand pump
for stand alone pressure supply.

Standard Features- 65-2000
Range: -10...100 PSI (-0.7...7bar)
Pressure units: PSI, mbar, bar, kPa, mHg, mH2O (4°C)
Pressure overload capability: up to -10...100 PSI (2 times)
Accuracy: 0.02% of reading +3 digits (including linearity, hysteresis and temperature error)

Standard Features- 65-2000 II
Range: -10..0..100 PSI~ (-0.7...7 bar)
Sensor type: differential pressure (max. 100 PSI static)




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